Frequently Asked Questions

How do I confirm that what I want is in stock and will ship immediately?

It is very easy. Just look at the “Ready to Ship” quantities displayed on our site under each product. These numbers reflect the exact amount of inventory in our warehouse that is available for immediate shipment. If we run out of a given product, our system no longer displays the product. We do this to make your shopping experience fast, easy, and efficient.

How do I contact

We are very easy to reach. Just call +1 (531)238-6108 or send an e-mail to We look forward to serving you.

When will my order be shipped?

In general, orders placed before 2PM Central on a business day will ship that same day and you will receive a confirmation of shipment at that time. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship on weekends and on holidays. All orders placed after 2PM Central or on a weekend or holiday will be shipped the following business day.

When will I receive my order confirmation number and tracking number?

You will receive two order related e-mails from our office. The first e-mail will be sent to you immediately after you place your order and will contain your order confirmation number. You will then receive a second e-mail once your order has been shipped which will contain your shipment’s tracking number. If you have not received either of the two e-mails mentioned above, please check your SPAM folder. If you find nothing in your SPAM folder, please contact our office by calling +1 (424)239-5705 or by sending an e-mail to

What is the return policy?

We do accept returns for defective or damaged product where customers notify us of such issues within Ten days of their order date. If there is anything wrong with your product, we want to make things right. We just ask that you tell us about any issues quickly so that we can service you promptly. Note that we do not accept returns unless the product you ordered is defective or damaged. Please email our team at if you desire to discuss a return.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay by Paypal, zelle, apple pay, Venmo or credit card.

How will information I provide be used?

We use the information you provide to ensure that you receive the best possible service. For example, we will often at times contact customers a few days after their order is scheduled to be delivered just to make sure that everything showed up correctly and in good condition.

What makes a secure website is fully PCI compliant. The checkout system is SSL encryption secured and feeds your information directly into the secure payment gateway. This means that nobody in our company is able to even access your information.

Does only sell product in large quantities?

We decided to offer our product in large quantities and 500 Rds because we realized that our customers sometimes like to purchase in large amounts for huntings. so lot of ammo is required

My SIG SAUER pistol is not accurate. Why? What should I do?

All SIG SAUER production duty/combat pistols are set up to use a “combat” sight picture. This is where the front sight completely covers the bullseye of the target. Using a six o’clock (“pumpkin on a post”) or center mass (“half’n’half”) sight picture will result in low impact. SIG SAUER, Inc sights in all non-sporting and non-target pistols for 2 inch groupings @ 10 yards. If you are still having trouble please contact Customer Service for further help and instruction. Please have your serial number ready. There are also very helpful free Internet sites that cover pistol group analysis.

I own a SigPro SP2340 / SP2009 – can I mount a light or laser unit on the gun?

The SP2340/2009 Sig Pro pistols feature a proprietary accessory rail. In order to attach accessories to the rail you must obtain an adapter to convert the rail to a standard size such as Picatinny. These can be purchased through Shop page.

How often should I service my pistol?

We recommend a service interval of once per year or every 5,000 rounds which ever comes first. This keeps your pistol in top operational readiness and is the same standard we recommend to all our law enforcement customers. Our custom shop offers a variety of service plans for both new and pre-owned pistols. Talk with one of our customer service group reps. today to help decide which service plan works best for you.